Project: Object of Empowerment – Semester 2 2012

The idea here was to design and built at full scale, a transportable object that addressed our observation about the needs of the community that is on the move and ever-shifting.

My observation was based on the idea of youth and integration. I wanted to make something that would be enjoyable to use and be educational to an extend at the same time. My concept was to make a puzzle, with each of the faces to represent a powerful Polynesian symbol upon completion. Children, teenagers and adults would attempt to solve the puzzle by matching colours of the patterns together. The box is made of 7mm ply, was laser cut into the shapes then glued and nailed together. Stencils of the patterns were made then spray painted onto the box. The object was showcased in the township of Otara. Amazing skills were picked up during this process and wonderful things learnt about the life and people of Otara. This is the first of two parts of this project, so stay tuned for the bigger, better, second half!

Enjoy the video!

Here are a two images of what I had initially pictured this object of empowerment to turn out like.