3DSMax Chair Modelling

Only a week remains before I start my Masters in Architecture and I’m up at 3:00AM doing some CAD work. I’ve been trying to model a office chair for the last 6-7 hours on 3DSMAX… 6-7 HOURS!! FO REALZ o.O ?! The reason it’s taken me so long is because I never used to use this program! Always used other programs but truth be told, I probably wouldn’t want to go about making a building on this. I’d rather do something small and quite detailed! This crazy doing is for a company which design’s high end lifestyle and office seating/furniture and my job is to produce 3D models and CAD plans for their website. So far, so good. I have learnt so much and MY GOD THIS SOFTWARE IS GODLY! I had gotten this close ‘-‘ to smashing my keyboard but once I figured it out, I actually took a little Lion King pride walk around my room because I felt amazing! This was far the hardest chair so I thought it deserved a blog post! *YAWN*

Hope you find this interesting! 😛

-Ashneil K


Air New Zealand – All Black Livery

Air New Zealand - All Black Livery

The newest addition to the All Black Livery and also to our collection of 777-300ER’s.

This beautiful machine touched down on Runaway 23L at 0900 on the 12th of January, 2012 after a direct flight from the Boeing Base in Seattle, US.

Nothing quite better than the Airline of the Year with our very own, significant livery. This is also the largest full black painted airline in the world!

Enjoy 🙂

Boeing 787 – Auckland International

Boeing’s newest aircraft, the 787 Dreamliner made its approach onto Runaway 23L at approximately 10:00 NZDT on Saturday the 12th of November, 2011! The aircraft coming in from Seattle, USA (Boeing HQ) carried onboard test equipment, Technicians, Engineers and Boeing Officials. The purpose of the flight was to show Air New Zealand what they have purchased. The viewing platforms, nearby industrial car parks and the roads running parallel to the runaway were full of aviation enthusiasts, waiting on the final approach of this aircraft. We got their around 8am, just to secure ourselves a car space and watch other aircraft’s land as we waited. The wait was extremely worth it. As the plane emerged out of the clouds, its curvaceous wings and efficient design was easily distinguished from other aircraft’s! This was it! The aircraft was super quite as it came in and touched down. We later drove to the DHL Depot where the aircraft was only a hundred meters or so away from us! It was an amazing experience! Thank you Boeing!

Here are a few photos from the day! Enjoy!

Just Cause 2 – PC

Just Cause 2 - PC

One of the top games I have ever played. This game packs a serious punch. The amount of things you can do… its just brilliant! From being able to blow up almost anything you see, to airlifting cars, boats, trucks! It’s just crazy! Awesome thing is that they’ve actually taken into account object weights and things like that! For example, a piece of shit helicopter is not able to lift a large truck! You actually need to find a cargo chopper! Speaking of lifting, it’s not some crane crap! It’s a device built onto the character Rico himself, called grapple. Being able to launch yourself towards buildings, then immediately parachuting to escape arsenic showdowns!! Argh! Better get this post over with, have some serious chaos to cause 🙂

YouTube it. This game seriously has been under advertised. It needs to be out there more! Thanks to my friend Byron Peard for the introduction! Here’s an image to show how beautiful the graphics are! More images soon.

10/10! Played on my DELL XPS 15! What an astonishing LAPTOP! 3D test later on this afternoon!

Recommend you try this game if you like the mechanics of GTA & DRIVER

Rubik Cube Animation

As part of an animation class at Uni, we were given the task to create some sort of animation using 3d rendering engine software, 3DS Max and video editing software such as Adobe Première Pro and Adobe After Effects! Animation class was probably the best class this year, as the first half of the course let us make a movie as a group. That was badass! The second half was all solo work. My idea was to create a Rubik cube and solve it to some pacey music. This all seemed like an easy task, but im afraid it was a mission! The cube wouldn’t move right, all the blocks would split and go all crazy, it was a mess yadda yadda… But in the end, I finally managed to get it all on lock down! Oh yeah! Here it is!

Enjoy! 🙂

Project: Blind Framed – Semester 2 2009

A first year Architecture project. The idea was to create a type of sculpture, which can be used by the blind. Following the idea of Braille, we had to use various methods of wood joining techniques to guide the assembly of these models. Mine featured things such as tongue and groove, mortis and tenon, dove tail, butt joint, lap joint and dowel joints. The making of the model’s was the best part. Power tools, hammers, saws… OH YEAH! I made this entire thing at my colleague, Shaneil Narsey’s grandparents garage. Good times 🙂

Here are a few pictures 🙂 Enjoy!

Project: Flights of Fancy – Semester 2 2010

This studio project which I completed in my 2nd year was based around aviation! Did I ever mention that I LOVE AVIATION!! Anyways, so the class was presented with three different design issues to solve, a gym, a church and a HELIPAD! This was a bit of a no brainer for my co pilot of a friend, Shaneil Narsey and myself!! We enjoyed every moment of it, and the site that was given for the location of this design was a bonus. It was awesome! It was coastal, on the edge of the Waitemata Harbour, a few meters away from the Harbour Bridge! It was everything we could have asked for. We were required to have offices, staff parking, an information centre for tours and tickets, a passengers lounge, a hangar for these sexy machines and some heli pads! YUS! Bring it on! We got into it and this is what I ended up with. I loved it!

Hope you like it!

The banner!

Slide show of model renders!

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