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Grand Theft Auto – Vice City

Grand Theft Auto - Vice City

Well I was born in the 90’s and I must say, I kinda feel missed out. Why? Because I never got to meet Tommy Vercetti in the 80’s! The lead character in Rockstar Games (in my opinion) greatest game ever, GTA: VC. Amongst a sequel which¬†successfully¬†takes us into a different era each time, I must say that the 80’s seemed the most fun, by faaaaaaaaaaaaar. Even when comparing graphics and in-game mechanics, it still ROCKS. Literally. Even the radio stations are amazing. Having stopped playing this game religiously since 2004, I still find myself on YouTube jamming the tunes reminescing the good old sunset crusies in my infernus down by Vice Beach, woops I just ran someone over, great now I have a star… Atleast I don’t care about the sand in the car, which really isn’t mine.

On the general note, the GTA series is also probably the best series to ever have been released on gaming platforms. Nothing has ever come close to what GTA has provided us with. Many have tried to emulate similar systems but It’s kinda sad to see them get on those shelves, then stay there. It is rather difficult to find yourself a legit, brand spanking new copy of this. I fortunately, have what I think is a special edition, with ***GLITTER*** fonting! Never, ever will I be giving that away.

If you have never played this, you my friend have missed out. On a lot. Let alone the 70’s, this game heavily inspired not only myself, but most of my friends. 1990’s, our teenage lives, were made a heck of a lot better.

Thank you Rockstar Games.