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Ardmore Open Day!

Today I visited the Ardmore open day with a few friends and family where various types of planes and aircraft simulators were being showcased. Luckily, I got to have a go on this bad boy! Success!  This was also an opportunity to meet people in the force and get an in-depth on how to start training etc. It all seems pretty wicked. Needless to say, I can see myself  wearing a pilots uniform on the runaway ready to take off and collect the hours that will get me my PPL some day 🙂

Check out my 500px for pictures from the day:


Air New Zealand – All Black Livery

Air New Zealand - All Black Livery

The newest addition to the All Black Livery and also to our collection of 777-300ER’s.

This beautiful machine touched down on Runaway 23L at 0900 on the 12th of January, 2012 after a direct flight from the Boeing Base in Seattle, US.

Nothing quite better than the Airline of the Year with our very own, significant livery. This is also the largest full black painted airline in the world!

Enjoy 🙂