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Masters Thesis: GATEWAY

Nadi AirportToday, the design of airports – and their success – is conventionally measured by its efficiency; by its ability to manage the arrival and departure of planes on time for the minimum of passenger effort.Airports such as London Heathrow – the “gateway” into the UK – has seen extensive renovation over its years to facilitate the growing demand of air travel, where the passenger spends most of the time battling the queues.The focus of this research project is the design of an airport terminal which invokes “gateway”, as a way of reflecting a nation’s unique identity. The selected context for this project is Fiji Islands, a holiday destination sought by many across the globe for its unique culture, climate and tourism attractions.The project begins by investigating the historical context of travel, highlighting interesting facts, discoveries and achievements made through the evolution of transport, such as the emergence of the Stagecoach era in the 18th century, to the first international flight from London to Paris in 1919. The focus is then shifted towards the architecture of early airport terminals precedents, from the expressionism of Eero Saarinen’s TWA Terminal in 1962, to the celebration of regional characteristics in Norman Foster’s Beijing Airport, begun 2003. The study of precedents are of particular significance to the topic of this research, ultimately informing strategies for design. The intention is to prepare, or perhaps re-configure, the normal processes of an airport terminal as a series of experiences which reflect and instigate the imagery and presence of Fiji.

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Project: Keeping it Roots


Lashing technique performed on bamboo.

Culture, tradition, heritage and family. These words highlight the importance and characteristics for Polynesian  families. In my last post, I outlined how my project focused on the community and the richness of Pacific Island culture, and during the project I came to meet two very talented young men who run an organization known as The Roots: Creative Entrepreneurs. Waikare and Martin offered me the opportunity to take part in some of the local projects they were doing over the break. At the events, we learnt about weaving, lashing and carving. The work was done solely by volunteers over multiple weekends and this went to show how valuable a community, the partnership, this “family” was to the Polynesian people. The work was done by individuals of all age groups, from primary school students to veteran master carvers. The pieces were usually fabricated at local leisure centres and the final pieces were showcased at the Pasifika Events Festival. Thank you Waikaere and Martin for this wonderful opportunity.

For more info on The Roots, please click on the image below.

Project: Object of Empowerment – Semester 2 2012

The idea here was to design and built at full scale, a transportable object that addressed our observation about the needs of the community that is on the move and ever-shifting.

My observation was based on the idea of youth and integration. I wanted to make something that would be enjoyable to use and be educational to an extend at the same time. My concept was to make a puzzle, with each of the faces to represent a powerful Polynesian symbol upon completion. Children, teenagers and adults would attempt to solve the puzzle by matching colours of the patterns together. The box is made of 7mm ply, was laser cut into the shapes then glued and nailed together. Stencils of the patterns were made then spray painted onto the box. The object was showcased in the township of Otara. Amazing skills were picked up during this process and wonderful things learnt about the life and people of Otara. This is the first of two parts of this project, so stay tuned for the bigger, better, second half!

Enjoy the video!

Here are a two images of what I had initially pictured this object of empowerment to turn out like.

Project: Missing Teeth – Semester 1 2011

Project: Missing Teeth

This image shows the façade of a mixed use building I had designed last year as a part of our design studio. The intention of the façade is to convey ideas of mixing, weaving, intertwining and is constructed of an iron composite material to reflect the train tracks on the rear of the site. Similar to the performances of a fence, the façade starts on the ground and elevates till it suits the façade heights of the adjacent buildings to maintain street front heirachy. Entrance into the complex through this wall was provided by careful placing of specific bars which stopped at junctions yet at the same time saving the form from traditional door systems.

Project: Kingsland Mixed Use 2011
Modelled: Archicad + Artlantis

Project: Theatre of Disbelief – Semester 1 2012

Stepping into the first semester, the Masters of Architecture (Prof) design studio provided us with a wicked brief. One which required us to design and detail a theatre which reflects, or some what derived from old school dance/drama performances. The first few tasks were more group oriented and we looked into Shakespeare. We decided to do Hamlet. So after a few reads here and there, we had to perform a brief, 5 minute version of Hamlet. I played Hamlet’s father, yes the Ghost :). After this, it was all individual work. What fascinated me about the play was the tragic death of all main characters in all of his plays. I focused on this notion of emotion taking over the strongest characters. I decided to bring this into play and do something similar to an existing building on my site (Customs West Street, Auckland). The explosive expressions of emotional forms penetrating the rigid square building on the site created architectural elements such as entrances, windows, shading devices and systems to hide roof top services. It was by far, the most exciting project of all selections this semester. Very happy to have had done this. Even if it meant I had to do the many late nights and one over nighter that I ended up doing. Bring on D.Studio Semester 2!

Modelled on: Google Sketchup Pro 8.0
Rendered: 3DSMax + Adobe Photoshop CS5


Rubik Cube Animation

As part of an animation class at Uni, we were given the task to create some sort of animation using 3d rendering engine software, 3DS Max and video editing software such as Adobe Première Pro and Adobe After Effects! Animation class was probably the best class this year, as the first half of the course let us make a movie as a group. That was badass! The second half was all solo work. My idea was to create a Rubik cube and solve it to some pacey music. This all seemed like an easy task, but im afraid it was a mission! The cube wouldn’t move right, all the blocks would split and go all crazy, it was a mess yadda yadda… But in the end, I finally managed to get it all on lock down! Oh yeah! Here it is!

Enjoy! 🙂

Project: Flights of Fancy – Semester 2 2010

This studio project which I completed in my 2nd year was based around aviation! Did I ever mention that I LOVE AVIATION!! Anyways, so the class was presented with three different design issues to solve, a gym, a church and a HELIPAD! This was a bit of a no brainer for my co pilot of a friend, Shaneil Narsey and myself!! We enjoyed every moment of it, and the site that was given for the location of this design was a bonus. It was awesome! It was coastal, on the edge of the Waitemata Harbour, a few meters away from the Harbour Bridge! It was everything we could have asked for. We were required to have offices, staff parking, an information centre for tours and tickets, a passengers lounge, a hangar for these sexy machines and some heli pads! YUS! Bring it on! We got into it and this is what I ended up with. I loved it!

Hope you like it!

The banner!

Slide show of model renders!

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