Project: Theatre of Disbelief – Semester 1 2012

Stepping into the first semester, the Masters of Architecture (Prof) design studio provided us with a wicked brief. One which required us to design and detail a theatre which reflects, or some what derived from old school dance/drama performances. The first few tasks were more group oriented and we looked into Shakespeare. We decided to do Hamlet. So after a few reads here and there, we had to perform a brief, 5 minute version of Hamlet. I played Hamlet’s father, yes the Ghost :). After this, it was all individual work. What fascinated me about the play was the tragic death of all main characters in all of his plays. I focused on this notion of emotion taking over the strongest characters. I decided to bring this into play and do something similar to an existing building on my site (Customs West Street, Auckland). The explosive expressions of emotional forms penetrating the rigid square building on the site created architectural elements such as entrances, windows, shading devices and systems to hide roof top services. It was by far, the most exciting project of all selections this semester. Very happy to have had done this. Even if it meant I had to do the many late nights and one over nighter that I ended up doing. Bring on D.Studio Semester 2!

Modelled on: Google Sketchup Pro 8.0
Rendered: 3DSMax + Adobe Photoshop CS5



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