3DSMax Chair Modelling

Only a week remains before I start my Masters in Architecture and I’m up at 3:00AM doing some CAD work. I’ve been trying to model a office chair for the last 6-7 hours on 3DSMAX… 6-7 HOURS!! FO REALZ o.O ?! The reason it’s taken me so long is because I never used to use this program! Always used other programs but truth be told, I probably wouldn’t want to go about making a building on this. I’d rather do something small and quite detailed! This crazy doing is for a company which design’s high end lifestyle and office seating/furniture and my job is to produce 3D models and CAD plans for their website. So far, so good. I have learnt so much and MY GOD THIS SOFTWARE IS GODLY! I had gotten this close ‘-‘ to smashing my keyboard but once I figured it out, I actually took a little Lion King pride walk around my room because I felt amazing! This was far the hardest chair so I thought it deserved a blog post! *YAWN*

Hope you find this interesting! 😛

-Ashneil K


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