Just Cause 2 – PC

Just Cause 2 - PC

One of the top games I have ever played. This game packs a serious punch. The amount of things you can do… its just brilliant! From being able to blow up almost anything you see, to airlifting cars, boats, trucks! It’s just crazy! Awesome thing is that they’ve actually taken into account object weights and things like that! For example, a piece of shit helicopter is not able to lift a large truck! You actually need to find a cargo chopper! Speaking of lifting, it’s not some crane crap! It’s a device built onto the character Rico himself, called grapple. Being able to launch yourself towards buildings, then immediately parachuting to escape arsenic showdowns!! Argh! Better get this post over with, have some serious chaos to cause 🙂

YouTube it. This game seriously has been under advertised. It needs to be out there more! Thanks to my friend Byron Peard for the introduction! Here’s an image to show how beautiful the graphics are! More images soon.

10/10! Played on my DELL XPS 15! What an astonishing LAPTOP! 3D test later on this afternoon!

Recommend you try this game if you like the mechanics of GTA & DRIVER


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