Project: Suburban Morphosis – Semester 2 2011

The following images were composed by myself for a third year Architectural project. The project was based on the idea of high density urban housing on a site which is currently a park. I was required to have a 190 dwellings ( not at all difficult if occupying every area of the site) but at the same time looking over the ideas of sustaining wild life, vegetation and as the site is a public park, we had to either leave the cycle/walking trails untouched or connect them to our addition. I started of by visiting the site, getting an idea of how the place looked and the potential it had. I immediately noticed that the lower half of the site is full of wild life manifestations so I made sure I left this aspect undamaged.  The trees of the site were rather tall, so this restricted where the building could begin, as solar gain becomes an important factor in sustainable design. The contouring of the site proved very challenging too, every house had an offset in height, and this meant that the roof’s were dropping and rising and this obstructed views and solar exposure for solar panel systems. Here are a few photo’s of how certain things looked 🙂 Enjoy!

The entire presentation. 3000mmx800mm banner.

Slideshow of renders.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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